The Allman Brothers – Where to start?

I must admit that I only recently, by chance, found The Allman Brother and WOW what a nice surprise.
It started as I set out on a search for alternative versions of the Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan’s) classic
All Along The Watchtower.
The Hendrix studio version is faded out way way to early in my view, a fact that has always annoyd me.

But ok that little thing led me to this version which I surely appreciate (thanks to the youtube uploader).

Most of the other versions I found out there are all more or less all trying to somehow dublicate Hendrix, with various succes –  but wow,  The Allman Brothers, in my opinion, really makes their own mark on it – Slow & Jazzy. Yes I know that there are alot of people out there who won’t agree, but anyway

So now I’m curious – Who are these  The Allman Brothers?
Well as I found, they have been around for awhile and this configuration (Derek Trucks / Warren Haynes) might not be the original, but damn I like it.

Back to my headline – Where To Start – I’ve been asking around abit and most replied – The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East,
which has now been ordered and I’m truely looking forward to receiving it – starting my journey into The Allmann Brothers 🙂

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